Create an On-Demand Screening
A guide to how screening hosts and creators can create a way for their audiences to watch a film on their own time.
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An On-demand Screening Event is a virtual screening of a film, in which the audience can view the film on their own time, but within the dates designated by the screening host.

Note: On-demand is currently only available for films who have activated this feature.

For Screening Hosts: How To Create an On-demand Screening Event

For Filmmakers / Creators: How To Set Up Your Film for On-demand Screenings

Summary of functionality:

  • On-demand events are time capped, up to 30 days.

  • Hosts can designate the exact start and end date.

  • Functions as a TVOD rental for audiences.

  • Audiences have 24 hours to finish the film once started.

  • Licensing fees are the same as the Live Virtual events and In-person events.

  • Host can set the rental/ticket price.

  • Split between the host and creator varies and is shown at the time of booking.

  • Ability to cap the audience size.

  • Live chat and live broadcast are not available for On-demand events.

  • Promo codes available. Ask your Kinema contact.

How to Create an On-demand Screening Event

Getting Started:

Go to the Kinema Films page

Select a film.

If On-demand is available you will see the On-demand icon.

Click on Create Screening Event.

Step 1: Select On-demand to host an On-demand event.

Step 2: Select your licensing option:

  • You can sell tickets (some films have minimum ticket prices) and receive a percentage of ticket sales!

  • License Fee - You can pay this fee and invite your guests free of charge - who doesn’t love a free movie! (License fees vary by film)

Step 3: Select Public or Private. Public screenings will be promoted on our website and private screenings will only be accessible with a link you send to your guests.

Step 4: Select what best describes you as an organization.

Step 5: Enter all your screening details.

  • Name of the Movie/Screening

  • Organization - could be just you or a company/organization

  • Start Date and Time

  • Days available for On-demand (minimum of 1 day, maximum of 30 days)

  • Capacity - Enter the number of people you will be inviting and select update

  • Enter Ticket Price (if you're selling tickets)

*Note: your License Fee will automatically calculate based on audience size.

  • If you are paying the licensing fee, you will be prompted to enter in your payment information

  • If you are selling tickets you will be prompted to fill out your payout information (so we can send you the money you made from sales!)

Make sure to Agree to the Licensing Terms and Click on Continue.

Step 6: Enter optional details for your Event Page. But you can also edit this later too!

Click Complete and your event is now created! Here’s what to expect next.

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly and the Kinema team will review details of your screening for approval with 2 business days.

  • Once approved, you’ll receive another email with details on how to Manage your screening and invite your guests. Check out How to Edit and Manage an On-demand Screening Event for more info.

  • Happy watching!

Thank you! If you have other questions, email

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